How to book a perfect holiday online? 9 simple tips

Are you planning to book a great vacation? I remember the first time I booked my first holiday. I spend a lot of times comparing, searching the best prices, reading about the destinations, and I was thinking: isn’t there a more efficient way to book the best holiday online? Based on the experience I’ve gained ever since, I would like to give you a few valuable tips on how to best book the holiday of your dreams.

I have made a step-by-step guide for planning a trip, you make the process of planning your trip a lot easier.

Step 1: Choose the destination

Where do you want to go? Perhaps you already have a destination in mind of where to go on vacationwhich you are dreaming of for years. If not, allow yourself to be inspired. Read some travel blogs, watch travel programs on television and like travel pages on social media.

I love National Geographic as a source of great inspiration for adventurous trips through cities and nature.

Step 2: How long will you go on holidays?

It’s important to determine when you want to go on holidays and how long you want to go, in order to calculate the costs. Every day of vacation, will make the trip more expensive. But perhaps you only have a limited amount of vacation days available.

Step 3: How much will it cost?

You have determined where you want to go, when and how many days. Youaffordable vacation probably do have a certain budget you can spend on the vacation. You should make a budget in order to make the right bookings.

How much will the travel toward your holiday destination cost?

How much will a hotel cost that suits your preferences?

How much money will you have left for you daily spending?

The result of this calculation will give you an overview of your budget. Perhaps you can choose a cheaper hotel in order to have more money available to spend on other things, like food, drinks and activities.

You can find a lot of information for you budget in travel guides, online blogs and of course on Tripadvisor.

As a result of making your budget, you’ll have a clear plan to follow.

Step 4: Be inspired

Keep gaining new inspiration for you trip. Read interesting blogs, like certain social media pages, watch travel programs, etcetera. This will give you new ideas for you trip, for example what to do, which places to visit, etc.

Step 5: Book smart

You should realise you can safe a lot of money by booking your trips a smart way.

Airlines have certain discount periods, in which you can get the same flightcheap flights ticket for less. Always check these to prevent you book a ticket a few days before a discount period. Always check the flight prices of flying a few days earlier of later. Maybe you can save 200 pounds by flying 2 days earlier of later.

Searching for the perfect hotel can be done by checking blogs or However, I advise you to book the perfect accommodation directly at the hotel or hostel. This is mostly cheaper and allows you to support the business to prevent them from having to pay a fee to the booking agency.

Step 6: Book your flight

Generally speaking, the earlier you book, the cheaper the prices. Book your flight up to 2 months before your trip. Last-minute deals don’t really exist exist anymore. So try to book as soon as possible. Prices often rise a few weeks before departure.

Sometimes it is cheaper to book your flight at a booking website. At other times it is cheaper to book your flight directly with the airline. In any case, it is more reliable to book your ticket directly with the airline. In case of a mistake or delay, they are directly responsible to offer you a solution.

Pay attention to the flight times. It can be cheaper to fly early at for example 6 o’clock in the morning, but then you do have to be at the airport 2 or 3 hours in advance. It is not always possible to reach the airport during night times, or a lot more expensive. An expected cheap flight ticket will end up rather expensive because of an expensive airport hotel.

My favourite booking websites for flights are:

Step 7: Book the accommodation

Once you have booked your flight, you can also book your accommodation. book accommodationWhen you have made a travel schedule, you can search for accommodation based on that. If not, you can at least already book an accommodation for your first and last nights in order to be near the airport of arrival and departure.

There are different types of accommodations that match your travel style. A hotel is often more luxurious, with a private bedroom and bathroom. You can choose to book breakfast in advance. Many people (including me) find a good hotel breakfast a great way to start the day.

A hostel does not have the same level of luxury, which is not a bad thing at all. You can choose to sleep in a shared bedroom in a dorm, in order to save some money. Not everyone will appreciate a dorm room however. Many hostels also offer private bedrooms with private bathrooms. You pay a bit more than a bed in a dorm room, but often a lot less than a room at a hotel.

Nowadays, new hostels offer more luxury. These hostels are the perfect combination between the comfort of a hotel and the lower price and cosiness of a trendy hostel. A hostel is often a lot less stiff, often has a nice common area and is sometimes even more modern than a hotel.

Booking website can be used to find a perfect accommodation. I personally prefer to book directly at the hotel or hostel for a cheaper price. I use the following booking websites:

Step 8: What are you going to do?

Plan your perfect adventure abroad. There are probably a number of places that you would want to visit and do.

Step 9: Pack your luggage and enjoy your trip!

Do not bring too much!

Before departure, do not forget to write down the address of your first accommodation on a piece of paper, in case your phone battery is finished. Don’t forget to plan ahead how to get to your hotel from the airport. It is advisable to bring some local currency in cash for the first hours. Plus, if you need a rental car, look here.

And enjoy your trip!

The world’s most eco-friendly hotels of 2019

Wake up in the middle of coffee plantation in Costa Rica. Or sleep surrounded by wetlands in Sri Lanka. Experience nature and have a stay you’ll never forget in one of these stylish and sustainable hotels.

The most sustainable and best hotels in the world

Do you like to travel? It is difficult to travel consciously and care about the environment. However, a conscious effect is possible by staying at an eco-friendly hotel. These hotels strive to be as sustainable as possible. The buildings are often build of sustainable materials. The hotels are keen on offering local products and to reduce environmental damage. These hotels also have other efforts to reduce damaging the (direct) environment.

The following list contains our most favourite eco-friendly hotels in the world. The list will surprise you, as they are not all far away. Also you’ll be surprised by how luxurious your stay at an eco-friendly hotel can be.

Marataba Trails Lodge – Marakele National Park, South Africa

Forget about the rest of the world and all your worries while standing on topsustainable tourism afrika of the Kransberg mountain enjoying the magnificent view. Far away, remotely and wild; the Marataba Trails Lodge is a digital detox. You are completely released from wifi and other signals in order to allow you to turn your focus on the Waterfall Valley.

In this serenity is room for just 8 guests, allowing the visitors to truly experience the remote quietness. The hotel is located in the middle of the Marakele National Park. You can choose between various routes to explore the area around the Kransberg mountain range.

Hoshinoya Karuizawa – Nagano, Japan

Uninterrupted lines. Windows from the floor to the ceilings. Neural colours. The Hoshinoya Karuizawa resort effortlessly merges into the surrounding landscape, as if it has always been there. The elements were an important source of inspiration for this resort. The nearby streams that run down from the Asama Mountain play an important role in the energy supply, generating hydroelectricity. The water baths and energy has been praised since 1914, and has fuelled creativity of many persons.

Hix Island House – Puerto Rico

On the island of Vieques, paradise can be found. It is a Caribbean paradise sustainable hotel puerto ricoisland, where you can enjoy the wonders of nature. Hix Island House is far from the busy city, but only 22 minutes from San Juan. The different houses are well designed and build to absorb the cooling winds and constructed using natural materials.

Whitepod – Le Valais, Switzerland

At the foot of the Alps mountains, Whitepod Hostel Switzerland waits for eco-friendly hotel switzerlandyour arrival. The minimalist Whitepod is a unique, but luxurious camping experience near Geneva. In the cold winter months, the cracking of the wood-burning stove will make you forget about the snow the covers the outside of the transparent PVC walls of your personal cottage. In the summer, however, the green camouflage pod becomes one with nature and the beautiful surrounding Swiss green hills. From the reception, you’ll need to walk about 20 minutes to your own pod. This is no effort for the incredible beauty of the Swiss Alps.

Jetwing Vil Uyana – Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Brother and sister Hiran and Shiromal continued what was started by their parents: a sustainable hotel that respects the environment without compromising comfort. The Jetwing Vil Uyana hotel complex is located in wetlands and a natural reserve for hundreds of bird species, mammals, butterflies and amphibians. It’s like paradise and just a few hours from the capital Colombo.

Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Las Vegas is not the first place you expect to find an eco-friendly hotel. With a view over the Las Vegas Strip from the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas, you realise sustainability and luxury do go together just fine. The hotel has energy saving lightning, eco-friendly cleaning products and organic restaurant servings. The Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas is truly a high-level sustainable hotel, for first class eco-tourism.

Lefay Resort and Spa Lago di Garda – Gargnano, Italy

At 96 kilometres from Verona, this resort at the famous Lake Garda is aeco-friendly hotel lago gardia fantastic example of Mediterranean luxury, surrounded by a beautiful Italian landscape with hills and olive trees. The Lefay Resort forms and aesthetic whole with the surroundings. The water from the pool overlooking the lake also functions as pool for water irrigations. Also the culinary delights of the resort follow strict rules concerning organic ingredients, seasonal ingredients from local suppliers and therefor the fantastic taste of Mediterranean products.

Lisu Lodge – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Surrounded by the Lisu tribe in Thailand, the Lisu Lodge is part of a community project to conserve the Thai heritage. As a guest at this resort, you can experience the local culture and customs of the families of the Lisu tribe. From the lodge you see the rice fields and the plantations. Besides activities as hiking or cycling, a guest can also help to restore the local ecosystem of the Himmapaan plant nursery, and work together with the local community. After a productive day, warming up at the campfire, under the starts in the sky, you can enjoy a traditional dinner.

h2hotel – Healdsburg, California, USA

Close to San Fransisco you’ll find this discrete, tasteful and refined hotel. Under a green roof, the hotel aims to reduce heat emissions from the building, preserve the microclimate and manage the flow of rainwater.

Nearby the hotel the vineyards of Sonoma Country are to be found. But the popcorn, baked in duck fat instead of butter, are also a real treat. The h2hotel offers varied relaxing amenities, as a yoga studio and a spa with treatments with wine, lavender or lime.

VIVOOD – Benimantell, Alicante, Spain

From you room at the VIVOOD hotel in Alicante you have a great view over the Guadalest Valley. Forget about everything that might be on your mind and just relax in this eco-friendly hotel, quite nearby home. VIVOOD aims to give you an eco-friendly experience, while also stimulating you to experience nature and enjoy locally produced products. Enjoy the silence of the valley and relax.

Or my personal recommendation nearby: Stay a few nights at the wonderful sustainable QO hotel in Amsterdam. At this site you can find 15 eco-friendly holiday destinations.